Singapore Series 2021

The Teh Group

September 16, 2021

Parkroyal Marina Square

Started in 2010, formerly organised by Innoxcell and it was called Innoxcell Annual Symposium. Since then, the world has changed, new risks emerge every day and organisations are embracing digital transformation. For many organisations, the principle of operating businesses with integrity and compliant with the latest regulatory remain the top priority. However, awareness, education and trust are the biggest challenges in the area of white-collar crime prevention. C-Integrity is a community designed to raise awareness by hosting annual events in the Asia Pacific. Provide education in the area of financial crime, digital identity, fraud mitigation, cyber risks and many more topics. Our team also produce online documentaries to features news and stories that related to white-collar crime enforcement, case and prevention methods. Join C-integrity community now and fight white-collar crime together.

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Integrity & Corruption is faced by many industries and there are a lot of risks involved. Risks such as Cyber Security, Fraudulence, Financial Risks and more are increasing. Companies adapting to the new environment are re-examining different approaches to daily operations.

C-Integrity event highlights approaches to take when faced with different risks and how to respond to them, as well as focusing on adjusting to new work conditions. The goal of this event is to provide industries with expert knowledge on mitigating risks and to establish a new working norm for industries post-covid.

C-Integrity Hong Kong 2021 - Key Focus Areas

  • AML
  • Corruption and Corporate Compliance 

Who Will Attend?

  • General Counsel/Corporate Secretary
  • Head of Risk
  • Head of Internal Audit
  • Head of Legal and Compliance
  • Law enforcements
  • Head of Financial Crime
  • Head of Investigation
Featured Speakers

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Hong Kong-event-speaker-Jack Jia

Robert Luu

HCP, ACDA Advanced, Director, Solution Strategy and Customer Success

Galvanize Asia-Pacific

Hong Kong-event-speaker-Jack Jia

Stanley Park

Managing Director & Head of Legal APAC


Hong Kong-event-speaker-Jack Jia

Joe Lee

Vice President of Asia Pacific & Japan


Hong Kong-event-speaker-Jack Jia

Frans Wiwanto

Chief Compliance Officer (Asia Pacific)


Hong Kong-event-speaker-Jack Jia

Choon Hong Chua

Director, Head of Financial Crime Practice Group, APAC & Middle East

Moody’s Analytics company

Hong Kong-event-speaker-Jack Jia

Thomas Ochensberge

Head of Compliance

M&G plc

Hong Kong-event-speaker-Jack Jia

Keevin Kong

Head of Compliance and MLRO, Dip (GRC)

Prudence Asset Management

Hong Kong-event-speaker-Jack Jia

Adrian Ooi

Senior Director, Legal

Millennium Hotels and Resorts

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