White Collar Crime, Legal Compliance, Corporate Theft, Extortion, Embezzelment, Fraud, Business Ethics, Audits, Unfair Competitions and More.

C-Integrity Story

Organisations are embracing the principal of operating businesses with integrity to avoid and prevent any illegal internal behaviour such as corruption, fraud and bribery which will negatively affect their Integrity. To operate in a more transparent manner, a solid regulation compliance system is vital. This is utmost crucial for Decision Makers, Policy Makers, Audits, Accountants and other Managerial levels, to better conduct business in a fair, ethical and legally Compliances way by all means.

C-Integrity is a series of annual Events which exclusively gathers Top Accountants, Heads of Internal Audits, General Counsels, Chief Compliance Officers, Risk Assesors and Professionals to be a part of a complete solution for sessions of networking, sharing views, tips and guidelines on latest integrity issues and challenges. The events are exclusively by Invitation and throughout the events, we encourage participants to share their views, tips and best practices of Governances.


3 Streams

100 Attendees

20+ Sessions


Roundtable Sessions

Exclusive Networking Sessions


General Counsel

Chief Compliance Officer

Head of Risk

Head of Internal Audit

Head of Legal & Compliance

Corporate Secretary

Law Enforcement

Head of AML / Financial Crime / Anti-Bribery Unit Officer

C-Integrity 2023 Events Locations

C-Integrity 2021 focus will be on Asia Pacific countries, nevertheless, we never stop our steps in influencing people in a world-wide scale. Stay tune with us.

Past Events

C-Integrity 2020 focus will be on Asia Pacific countries, nevertheless, we never stop our steps in influencing people in a world-wide scale. Stay tune with us.


July 9, 2019


November 6, 2019

C-Integrity Highlights

Inheriting the past, creates a brighter future
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Started in 2010

Formerly InnoXcell Asia-Pacific Summit. A reconstruction to ensure even higher qualities effective from 2019, the C-Integrity Events series.

C-Integrity-Conferences-Highligth-Topic-100 Sponsor
100+ Sponsors & Exhibitions

Leading organisations from across the world.

C-Integrity-Conferences-Highligth-Topic-1800 attendees
Over 1800+ Attendees Annually

• 38% Financial Industry
• 27% Corporation
• 20% Government Sector
• 15% Law Enforcement

C-Integrity-Conferences-Highligth-Topic-10 countries
10+ Countries

With different countries having different laws, integrity issues are more concerning and require more attentions.

C-Integrity-Conferences-Highligth-Topic-Professional Speakers
Over 300+ Professional Speakers Annually

Good composition of speakers from varies industries, sharing views with different and unique angels.

C-Integrity-Conferences-Highligth-Topic-Tailor Made Sessions
Tailor-made Sessions

More specified topics and case studies for different locations.

C-Integrity-Conferences-Highligth-Topic-Become our Exhibitors

Become our Partner and Exhibitor

To discuss partnership or exhibition opportunities at C-Integrity 2023.
Send us a request via hello@thetehgroup.com