Taipei Series 2019

The Teh Group - formerly Innoxcell

September 2019


A platform for leading professionals from the Banks, Insurance, securities industry, regulatory agencies and law enforcement to discuss current developments and priorities in the AML and white-collar crime space. This C-Integrity series is a closed-door event for 100 persons, and this is an invitation-only event.

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Governance, Risk, Financial Crime, Bribery, Fraud, Investigation, Money Laundering

Most of the organization in the world are set to doing business with integrity means and avoiding corruption and fraud in any form, including bribery, and complying with the laws of every country they operate. Compliance system, the Integrity Conduct and Anti-Bribery Policy is a starting point for providing guidance on how to conduct business in a fair, ethical and legal manner.

However, only if the world is that simple and sometimes unforeseen event forces people or organization to commit the unethical act.

C-Integrity required participants to provide input, best practices, and solution. Participants who volunteer to be invited on stage are encouraged to shares their views on the latest integrity issues.

C-Integrity Taipei 2019 - Key Focus Areas

  • Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Corporate Bribery Risk in Taiwan: Building a Robust Anti-Corruption Program to Comply with the Regulations set by the AAC.
  • Anti-Money Laundering: Cross Border Risk Management and Ultimate Beneficial Owner
  • Typical Fraud Schemes and Challenges in Investigation and Remediation in Asia
  • The Intersection of AML, CRS, and FATCA
  • Regulatory Compliance Risk Assessment
  • Risk-based Approach to KYC
  • Stay on the Same Page with United Nations Convention against Corruption: Bringing the Corporate Legal Framework in line with the International Standard
  • Beyond Compliance: Compliance, Ethics, and Trust

Who Will Attend?

  • General Counsel/Corporate Secretary
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Head of Risk
  • Head of Internal Audit
  • Head of Legal & Compliance
  • Law enforcement
  • Head of AML
  • Head of Financial Crime
  • Anti-Bribery Unit Officer
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