The Financial Crime Compliance
Hong Kong Series 2019

The Teh Group - formerly Innoxcell

May 9, 2019

Hong Kong

A platform for leading professionals from the Banks, Insurance, securities industry, regulatory agencies and law enforcement to discuss current developments and priorities in the AML and financial crime space.

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The Financial Crime Compliance Series 2019 hosted by the TEH GROUP (formerly Innoxcell) brings together financial institutes integrity experts. The FCC format is unique, and it is designed only for senior Financial Crime Compliance executives.

This series is a closed-door event for 100 persons or less per location, and it required participants to provide input, best practices and solution. Participants who volunteer to be invited on stage are encouraged to shares their views on the latest integrity issues.

Join us to learn the latest developments and obtain practical guidance to fight financial crime.

FCC Hong Kong 2019 - Key Focus Areas

  • Financial Crime
  • Cyber Espionage: New risk and threat of Financial Crime
  • Understanding how AI and Machine Learning could help prevent money laundering
  • AML, Corruption, Embezzlement in Belt & Road countries
  • Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) how to identity them
  • Open Source Intelligence for KYC and Financial Crime Investigators

Who Will Attend?

  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Head of Risk
  • Head of Internal Audit
  • Head of Compliance
  • Law enforcement
  • Head of AML
  • Head of Financial Crime
  • Anti-Bribery Unit Officer
  • KYC, Due Diligence Unit
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